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Railway is THE hidden sustainability champion in transportation. No other means of motorized transport can compete with the safety and efficiency that is inherent to the railway system. Living up to its potential requires taking radical steps and introducing more digital technology to ensure the resilience and competitiveness of the system on which millions rely.

Startups, those who strive for agility and disruption, are recognizing this opportunity and embracing new technologies in the industry. Their voice, however, has been largely underrepresented within the general railway industry discourse. Therefore, we at KONUX set out on a mission to unite and amplify the voice of startups in rail and initiated the survey “Startups and Digitalization in the Railway Industry” to begin with.

Based on the input of more than 30 companies from 14 countries, this white paper describes the main challenges that startups in railway experience on their path to commercialization and growth, and what they believe must change in the entire industry for innovation and digitalization to accelerate.

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Survey participation overview

Imgage survey participation overview
Should you like to participate in our future surveys and join our community of startups in the rail industry, please get in touch at marketing@konux.de. We’re also excited to meet you at the events we are participating in.